FoneRest (patent pending) is the innovative, first-to-market solution providing fans with a secure, convenient and accessible way to store and engage with a phone while attending an event. FoneRest allows venue owners and managers to monetize valuable real estate in their venues — the back of stadium seating.


FoneRest offers fans an alternative to holding their phone or having to constantly take it in and out of their pocket or purse during a game or event. FoneRest can be branded with a company’s logo and/or promotional message to generate advertising revenue for stadium and team owners.

FoneRest also provides a safe, convenient, and clean place to store a phone while using the restroom. Affixed to the wall or partition next to the toilet paper dispenser or urinal, customers can easily place and retrieve their phones as needed. FoneRest was initially created to help reduce the more than 8 million phones that are accidentally dropped into toilets each year not including those that are damaged in the restroom as well. Products such as the Apple iPhone 10 with a price tag close to $1,000 demand a safe place to store them while using the restroom. Just as important is to limit owner’s costly repairs for broken/clogged toilets.

FoneRest was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs eager to provide a simple, low-cost, high value solution for safeguarding a phone while using a restroom or engaging in an event. Cell phone ownership in the U.S. continues to rise and is expected to reach 270 million by 2020. There’s no better time to make FoneRest available for your valuable customers, tenants, and employees than now!  

All FoneRest products are proudly made in the U.S.A. from recycled materials.